Wednesday 26 November 2014

G4S Cloned Website Affects Share Price

News that the G4S share price dropped significantly after their website was cloned recently is evidence that the corporate threats from cyber crime are not just limited to data theft and hacking.

While corporate interest in internet security has moved from the IT department to the boardroom in recent years, particularly for companies in E-Commerce, Retail, and BFSI the G4S attack shows that any company with a share price is now fair game.

CEOs and board directors who don’t have a firm grip on how a cyber attack could affect their business continuity could be burying their heads in the sand if they think this is ‘something for the IT team to sort out’.

Websites have been cloned before. This aspect of the G4S story, while unfortunate, is not something new.  What’s interesting is the intricate nature of this multi-pronged attack, the deliberate use of the media via a press release and the dramatic and positive effect for the criminals combined with the impact this had on the financial fortunes of G4S.

ZeroDayLab are finding more businesses than in previous years of all sizes across all verticals are starting to wake up to the inevitable threat of cyber attacks. It is no longer if you will be attacked, more likely when you will be attacked. Larger enterprises are now more than likely to have this as a core part of their business continuity plans but this is often limited to hacking, data security or server outages.

Unless more companies start to understand these pervasive threats and take a more strategic approach to ‘Continuous Security Improvement’ then we’re very likely to see more of these types of stories emerging.

At ZeroDayLab we understand from our Cyber-threat Intelligence derived from hundreds of client engagements that the threat vectors through targeted attacks are changing every day.  Cyber crime is growing and new ways of attacking businesses are emerging as fast as new technology and software is becoming available.

In Summary
100% protection does not exist, continuous diligence and swift detection based on a holistic approach to Total Security Management is the answer delivering a strategic approach to IT Security that compliments your Business objectives and overall corporate strategy whilst protecting your business assets.

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