Monday 24 November 2014

Website With Live Links to Baby Monitors, Web Cams & CCTV shuts down.

Its administrator now appears to be using the page to look for work.
"Programmer looking for a good remote job" is now the only content on the site, along with a list of skills and an email address.
The Russian-based site, called Insecam, was streaming footage from systems using either default passwords or no log-in codes at all.
Password security
Last week it was showing video feeds from more than 250 countries including 4,591 cameras in the US and more than 500 within the UK.
It included images from children's bedrooms, driveways, gyms and shops.
Insecam listed material available both by country and by device manufacturer including major brands like Foscam, Panasonic and Linksys.
The devices had not been hacked but were operating on their default security settings.
The site owner told the BBC over email that he did not consider himself to be a hacker as he had not infiltrated any security settings.
"An analogy best describing this would be just because someone leaves their window open it does not give permission for an unauthorized individual to set up a camera outside their window and broadcast the feed worldwide," said Foscam chief operating officer Chase Rhymes.
The companies all urged camera owners to change their passwords regularly.

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