Monday 24 November 2014

New Law Forcing Firms to Identify Computer & Mobile Users to Police

A law forcing firms to hand details to police identifying who was using a computer or mobile phone at a given time is to be outlined by Theresa May.
The home secretary said the measure would improve national security.
As part of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill, providers would have to retain data linking devices to users.
But campaigners warned it could see the revival of the so-called "snoopers' charter" - a previous attempt to bring in wide-ranging web monitoring powers.
The Home Office says the new measures would help police and security services identify:
  • Organised criminals
  • Cyber-bullies and hackers
  • Terror suspects and child sex offenders communicating over the internet
  • Vulnerable people such as children using social media to discuss taking their own life
The proposals, due to come before MPs on Wednesday, would help police to identify suspects via a computer or mobile device's individual Internet Protocol (IP) address.
Each device has such an address, but they can change - such as when a modem is switched off and then on again - and are usually shared between different users.
Internet service providers currently have no business reason for holding data showing which IP address was allocated to a device at a given time, meaning it is not always possible for police and security services to match individuals to internet use, the Home Office said.

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