Thursday 27 August 2015

Mumsnet In The Naughty Corner Again

Blogger: Hannah Doughty
Mumsnet has been targeted once again in a fresh sequence attacks. The parenting site was recently attacked in a series of cyber and swatting attacks resulting in the reset of user passwords and temporary shut down of the site.
Justine Roberts, creator of the online network for parents, commented in an online post: “This attack was double the size of the previous one and was distributed across many servers but we have no reason to believe that any security breaches occurred, the intention was to take the site offline.”
On 19 August, new attacks on the site occurred after hackers obtained Mumsnet-related data from an ‘external system' and a trick call was made to police saying a bomb was planted at a premises in Highgate, believed to be headquarters for Mumsnet. Another hoax call was made on 20 August, targeting a Mumsnet user. Armed officers were called to their home in Croydon over “the welfare of residents”.
Kane Hardy, VP of EMEA, Hexis Cyber Solutions commented, “The next step should include an in-depth analysis of how the attackers were able to execute the breach on hand and collect the necessary information to make efficient decisions on prevention of future similar incidences.”
Scotland Yard confirmed no suspects have been identified, although analysis will continue. 
Roberts stated, “We are contracting external protection providers to help deal with future issues.”

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