Wednesday 18 February 2015

Malware Served at Jamie Oliver's Website

Jamie Oliver's website was affected by a "malware problem", a spokesman for the celebrity chef has acknowledged.

The celebrity chef's site has 10 million visitors per month and is ranked 515th in Britain, according to an analyst.

This malicious code sought to exploit vulnerabilities in users' systems and install malware, researchers found.
If installed, that malware could give hackers control of users' computers, said one security consultant.
A spokesman for the Jamie Oliver Group played down the seriousness of the problem and told the BBC that it had been fixed.
The script would direct unsuspecting users to a Wordpress site that hosted yet more malicious code. That would then run an exploit kit that would seek to find vulnerabilities in any user's system and install malware called Dorkbot.
According to a spokesman for Jamie Oliver, only 10 users had written to the site about the issue in the past couple of days. Contineing to say that the "low-level malware problem" was identified and dealt with and that the site was now "safe to use".

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