Monday 26 January 2015

Hoax Call to Downing Street Strikes Again...

Time to review your security posture Downing Street?
A hoax caller, claiming to be Robert Hannigan, director of government monitoring agency GCHQ,was put through to Prime Minister David Cameron.
It is claimed David Cameron ended the call when it became clear to him it was a hoax and no sensitive information was disclosed.
This comes after GCHQ were conducting a review when Mr Hannigan's mobile phone number was disclosed during an earlier hoax call.
Even more surprisingly, the prankster managed to obtain mobile numbers for both the head of the GCHQ surveillance centre and the prime minister by bluffing his way past both sets of switchboards. The prankster went on to call the Sun newspaper to boast about his actions, claiming "he'd made monkeys" out of GCHQ despite being high on drink and drugs.
But we can all make mistakes and move on!? But shockingly this has happened before...In 1998, radio DJ Steve Penk, pretended to be the Conservative leader William Hague and managed to speak to Tony Blair. 
In 2002, hoaxers overwhelmed the Downing Street switchboard by tricking thousands of people into calling Number 10, asking to speak to "Tony".
Just shows the simplest of things can slip through the net. What Security review have you undertaken recently?

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