Tuesday 9 December 2014

Lizard Squad Launches DDoS Attack on PlayStation Network

The PlayStation Network was down for two hours early Monday morning, according to Sony, which says that there are currently no signs of data loss.
Gamers trying to access the store at around 2 am GMT on Monday morning saw the message: “Page Not Found! It's not you. It's the internet's fault”
Sony said on Twitter that it was “aware of the issues some users are experiencing, and are working to address them” but did not go into more detail on the issue.
Two hours later and Lizard Squad – which has also been linked to numerous high-profile DDoS attacks on gaming platforms including Microsoft's Xbox Live and Call of Duty of late – as well as a hoax bomb threat against a Sony executive back in August, tweeted: “PSN Login #offline #LizardSquad.” A follow-up update from the group included a link to a YouTube video mentioning the hack.
Access was restored later in the early hours of the morning. PlayStation tweeted: “If you had difficulties signing into PlayStation Network, give it a try now.”

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