Tuesday 23 August 2016

7 Ways Advanced Penetration Testing Protects Your Business Better

7 Ways Advanced Penetration Testing Helps Beat the Hackers

Penetration testing is vital for risk management.  Thorough, Advanced Penetration Testing provides a realistic demonstration of what would be the result of the attack without having to be the victim.  This allows risks to be evaluated with the ability to gain a good perspective of potential costs.

In general, real attackers have a long period of time to identify potential ways to gain access to a system or network.  Therefore, the longer time a tester gets to perform a penetration test, the more realistic the results of that penetration test shall be.

As every application or environment is unique, a certain period of time is already needed to really understand the application or environment that needs to be tested.

Furthermore, performing small (pen)tests means there is less time to perform manual tests and verify/develop vulnerabilities.  More time means that more manual testing can be done and the test has the time to think of specific, unique and realistic attack scenarios.

A test of 7 or more days means that potentially more than one tester can be on the test, and two heads are better than one.

We have 7 examples of extensive/additional tests that are performed when a tester has more days to test a specific application or environment - read more in our infographic here.

  1. Extensive software security track record checks
  2. Exploitation of found vulnerabilities,  or bypassing implemented security measures to gain further access into the network
  3. Advanced password cracking attacks
  4. Advanced brute force attacks
  5. Decompiling/reverse engineering of applications or application components
  6. Download publically available source code of software in use, to look for vulnerabilities not traditionally found in a short pen test
  7. Enumerating the dark web
Read more on how to beat the hackers on our infographic.

Further details on ZeroDayLab's approach to Advanced Penetration Testing can be found on our website here.