Wednesday 9 December 2015

Universities Lose Internet Connections Following Cyber Attack

A cyber attack is behind universities and fire services across the country losing their internet connections.

Universities across the country have lost their internet connections following a sustained cyber attack on a publicly-funded academic computer network, while fire services' networks are also believed to have been affected.
Network Janet, used by many institutions across the UK, came under a persistent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack this morning, causing multiple universities to lose their connections, according to the Mancunion.
"The Janet network is experiencing issues again this morning affecting a number of educational institutions including us. We’ll keep you updated,” IT services at the University of Manchester said.
Janet is responsible for the and domains, and is used by thousands of universities and colleges, including the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford. At the time of writing, the network's website was also down.
Many fire services also use the .org domain, with several believed to have also lost their internet connections.
The network confirmed on its Twitter account that a denial of service attack had been identified and that engineers and security teams were working to rectify the problem.
Cited and more on this story at The Telegraph

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