Friday 20 November 2015

Target Cost of Breach $162 Million

As most people know Target got breached in 2013 just before the Christmas period; where the breach effected nearly 110 million customers. The breach cost Target an estimated $162 million 

Furthermore and two years on Target concluded that the breach cost them $162 million - more information at TechCrunch

The cost of breaches along with the new EU regulations coming into effect in 2016 should be on every board levels talking points.  These regulations see compulsory breach notification, 2-5% fine. More information here

What else have we seen over the last few weeks...
  • UK Amazon customers got attacked this month in a phishing attack. More here
  • TalkTalk - where 4 million customers were breached. More here
  • Experian - 15 million customers personalised data. More here
The stories go on but more can be found on our past blogs.

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