Monday 24 August 2015

Hackers Find Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Blogger: Hannah Doughty
Plenty of Fish is the latest dating site to come under attack, just days after  'Ashley Madison'  37 million users data was leaked. 
The malware attacking Plenty of Fish site, known as Tinba, is a spying malware that could have been downloaded quietly onto the users computer. The malware is said to have been hidden in adverts and unusually can be smuggled onto a users computer even though the user has not actually clicked on the advert.
Tinba can track every keystroke when a user is trying access a bank account. When a bank account is accessed or credit details are being entered on a website Tinba starts to record and collect every keystroke.
Experts at Malwarebytes, a security website which sells anti-virus software, found evidence of the hackers targeting Plenty of Fish’s estimated 12million members in the UK.

Jerome Segura, senior security researcher at Malwarebytes, said: ‘This type of attack does not require any user interaction. It does not matter if you haven’t browsed a dodgy site.'

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