Friday 31 July 2015

Hanesbrands Inc Suffer 900k Customer Data Breach

Hanesbrands Inc. (an American Clothing company) said on Wednesday that a customer order database was breached by a hacker in June, compromising information for about 900,000 online and telephone customers.
The hacker gained access to general customer information through the company’s website by posing as a “guest” customer checking an order, meaning they weren't registered on the site. The hacker was able to get information including addresses, phone numbers and last four digits of a credit or debit card of other customers, Hanesbrands spokesman Matt Hall said.
“They were able to manipulate the system like they were a customer,” Hall said. “They could check order status using a screen grab.
Customers are being notified by email or mail.
Hall said the hackers weren't able to enter corporate software systems. He also said Hanesbrands was notified by the hacker “to let us know that it had been done.”
“We brought in cybersecurity personnel to determine if the vulnerability was there and the data was viewable, and it was,” Hall said.
Have you got an Incident Response plan in place?

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