Thursday 16 July 2015

D-day Has Arrived: End of Life for WindowsXP

Anti-Malware Support For Windows XP Ended By Microsoft even as it remains very much in circulation.

On April 8, 2014, Microsoft had decided to stop supporting Windows XP, which is popular for running businesses and government servers. However, for another year and a half, the company decided to provide anti-malware updates for its security apps running on this particular OS version, in order to help keep Windows XP users moderately safe while they planned their upgrades.
Effective yesterday, Microsoft’s security solutions will no longer get updates on the 14-year-old operating system, as the anti-malware support for Windows XP has come to an end, something that it had been warning users about for months. Those still running Windows Server 2003 will be increasingly vulnerable to hackers.
In other words, it means that newly found security holes won’t be fixed and will remain available for cybercriminals to exploit, encouraging the risk of a security breach. That risk could lead to some businesses being barred from accepting credit card payments. However, the software still works, for now.
How are you dealing with this in your organistion? 

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