Tuesday 10 March 2015

Supply Chain Risk = Data Loss

When it comes to working with third-party vendors, organisations around the world are more worried about the loss or exposure of mission-critical data than any other risk.
This is according to a poll of almost 500 IT and risk-management professionals, conducted by Forrester Research, published on March 3rd.
Some 63 % of respondents considered data loss and theft the most significant risks associated with their supply chain relationships.
For comparison, just 55 % said they were worried about whether or not their vendors would deliver a quality and timely service as contracted.
With stories such as TalkTalk getting hacked via they're third party recently and others including TK Maxx, Tesco Clubcard, Home Depot, Aviva. McDonalds and others to mention please see  Supply Chain Risk: Defending Business Continuity & Improving Cyber Security for more information.

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