Monday 16 March 2015

Rotten Apples on Jamie Oliver's Website...Again!

Just weeks after the website was deemed safe, the vulnerability returns...

Naked chef Jamie Oliver's website has been exposed by malware for the second time in less than a month.
Researchers discovered the flaw on Friday, and although it was dealt with in minutes, some claimed it had been active for up to eight days.
Site visitors using Internet Explorer without up to date plug-ins for Java and Flash were redirected to another page that installed a virus called Dorkbot.ED, which monitors activity and which can steal passwords or log-in information.
“We have taken measures to clear the offending code and the site is now safe to visit. We are now running a forensic audit to find out more information," the site's operators said in a statement.
Security experts have suggested that this second attack was related to the first one, revealing administrators of Oliver's site may not have completely removed the malware from servers when it was first discovered back in February.
Cited ITPRO 

How do you go about reviewing/testing your IT Security?

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