Tuesday 2 December 2014

Hackers Seek to Profit from Insider Information

Sophisticated cyber-thieves are attempting to cash in on stock markets' movements by stealing insider information, a security company says.
FireEye said the group had used a variety of tricks to access senior executives' email accounts.
And information and documents stolen via the compromised accounts had helped them predict stock movements.
The group had targeted more than 100 companies since it had begun operating in 2013, FireEye said. 
The Fin4 group stood out from other cybercrime gangs in its preference for stealing insider information from senior executives, lawyers, regulatory staff and internal risk assessors, FireEye said.
Fin4 had gone after such employees, because of their close involvement in business activities, such as mergers and acquisitions, that could influence a stock price when they became public.
More than two-thirds of the firms targeted by Fin4 had been healthcare and pharmaceutical firms, said FireEye.

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